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Vein Recognition System

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Vein Recognition System

Finger vein recognition is one of the highest technologies in the biological feature recognition field. The working principle of finger vein recognition is: when the near infrared rays penetrate the human body's finger, part of the rays is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood vessels. The unique finger vein pattern is obtained by way of capturing the near infrared rays penetrating the finger, and the person's identity recognition is carried out by Hitachi's exclusive patented algorithm based on the unique finger vein pattern. Medical practices show that the shape of finger veins has uniqueness and stability, that is, each person's finger vein image if different, and the vein image of the same person's other fingers are also different. Therefore, the finger vein image pattern has very strong individual peculiarity. In addition, because the venous blood vessels are present in the human body, it is difficult to attempt to steal or copy a person's finger vein pattern, thus having super high safety.
Vein Recognition Process
Technical Features of Finger Vein Recognition
  • High safety Uses internal biological features of a human body, by living body authentication, and cannot be acquired, copied and forged.
  • High precise Rejection rate (FRR) 0.01%, and false rate (FAR) 0.0001%.
  • High reliability It is not affected by the external environment and changes to the surface features, the log-in rate (FTE) is 0.03%.
  • Hitachi exclusive Patented algorithm with high speed, the finger vein pattern recognition time is <1 second.
Advantages of Finger Vein Recognition Technology

In modern society, IT transformation degree is getting higher and higher in our work and life; information security becomes extremely important. Identity authentication is the necessary precondition for guaranteeing security. Identity authentication is required in fields such as finance, e-commerce, justice, and so on. Now, personal identity is recognized with IC card and password. There are problems such as inconvenience of carrying, easily getting lost, damaged, and being stolen and information security faces huge risks.

Biological feature recognition is a safe and convenient identity recognition technology, because it is impossible for people to loose or forget their own biological features. For example: face shape, fingerprint, iris, finger vein, etc. In many biological feature recognition technologies, finger vein recognition provides obvious advantages compared with others: living organism recognition, in-body hidden features, accurate and unique authentication and independent of external influence.

Places where finger vein recognition is suitable

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